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Iran do Espírito Santo in O Rio dos navegantes

The River of the Navigators

The show brings a transversal approach to the history of Rio de Janeiro as a port city, from the point of view of the various peoples, navigators and immigrants who from the 16th century have passed, contributed and lived here. "Rio de Navegantes" brings together some 550 historical and contemporary pieces, including paintings, photographs, videos, installations, objects, documents, sculptures, etc. 

The exhibition invites the public to reflect on the ways of life that formed Rio de Janeiro, the relationship between Rio de Janeiro and visitors, miscegenation, the use and democratization of public space, and geographical, linguistic, cultural, economic and politicians who have been present in the city since the 16th century. Rare documents and images show indigenous slaves constructing the Arcos da Lapa, evidence the problems of Rio floods since the 16th century and question the myth of the democratic beach, highlighting social tensions in the public space and the suburban beaches, such as Caju, Ramos , Sepetiba and Ilha do Governador.